JARID-JAtropha for Rural Indian Development Project

April 25, 2007


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JARID was qualified for Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)-Ideas final  event and to receive $ 300 ($ 1000) project development fund from Ideas. (www.web.mit.edu/ideas ).

But due to our personal commitments , We were not able to represent the JaRID at  finals.

We thank  Ideas team and all our MIT team members for their support and help.

Bryan Wong MIT student Cambridge, MA Bryan Wong is a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at MIT. He has extensive experience in the computational analysis of chemical reactions and combustion-relevant processes.
Bryan has also made important contributions with Star-P, a spinoff company started at MIT. His work with Star-P has resulted in several press releases in Forbes Magazine, HPCwire, and Desktop Engineering.
Bryan will be responsible for the trans-estrification unit, and his experience with Star-P will help this team to obtain the necessary publicity and funding.


Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer


MIT student

Cambridge, MA

Daniel Klein-Marcuschamer is a second year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemical Engineering. He is a part of the Biodiesel@MIT student group which has been promoting the construction of a biodiesel processing plant to offset part of the energy requirements of the Institute. He has been active in the student government of the Chemical Engineering department and in the Sidney-Pacific graduate dorm. He is a columnist for the graduate newsletter and contributes to the Tech (MIT Newspaper). He has also been exposed to national and international academic competitions (National and International Chemistry Olympiad, Bangkok, Thailand, 1999). He will also be responsible for the trans-estrification reaction and machinery. His experience in Biodiesel@MIT will be very helpful for the JARID project.


Matthew Albrecht


MIT student

Cambridge, MA

  Matthew Albrecht is a candidate for an MBA degree (Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program) in June 2008. He is currently the President of the Energy & Environment Club and Massachusetts Energy Trek Founder which has organized 18 students to visit 10 energy-related companies in over three days. He is the Biodiesel@MIT Project team lead which has focused on developing a biodiesel processing system for MIT. Recently, the Biodiesel@MIT team was recognized as a GE/MTV Ecoimagination Challenge Finalist with the Biodiesel@MIT business plan selected within top 10 of 100+ entries. Matthew has contributed to LIFTPORT ENERGY, a wind energy start-up in Cambridge, MA. For his summer internship in 2006, he developed business plans in five areas of the wind industry including turbine site assessment, hydrogen conversion, small and medium turbine development, and wind energy education. He subsequently led new market research and proposed recommendations based on his findings. Matthew is also the MFS International, Marketing & Data Coordinator. His business and entrepreneurship skills with Biodiesel@MIT will add significant experience to the JARID team. He will be managing all the sections of this project.


Dhiman Bhattacharjee


MIT student

Cambridge, MA

Dhiman Bhattacharjee is currently attending the MIT Sloan School of Management where he is part of the Systems Design and Management program. He has multiple years of experience in leading engineering teams to build innovative products. Prior to Sloan, Dhiman developed financial software products for Lycos. He will be responsible for operations, sales, and marketing.


Federico Flom


Boston University student

Boston, MA

Federico Flom is a graduate student in the Boston University Entrepreneurship Program. Last year he developed a full business plan for biodiesel production in
Argentina using soybean oils as the basic feedstock. He had also studied the possibilites of using alternative plantations such as Jatropha or Canola for biodiesel fuels. Prior to his work in biodiesel technology, his experience has been focused in finance. He will be responsible for the cultivation and operation of Jatropha plants. His entrepreneurship skills and business experiences will also support the JARID team.


A. K. Ravishankar


SRM University student

Chennai, India

A. K. Ravishankar is pursuing his final yearinthe M.sc Biotechnology program at SRM University in Chennai, India. He has great passion for Jatropha-based Biodiesel and entrepreneurship. He has attended 4 entrepreneurship workshops and is currently enrolled in an entrepreneurhip course taught by MARS, Canada. A. K. Ravishankar is also a student of the science journalism course conducted by the government of
India. During his undergraduate years, he participated in the IIT-K and TATA-Mumbai Biodiesel business plan competitions and won second place in the IITM-Genesis (2007) competition. In his spare time, he is also an active member of Ivil and GRID where he is working for social upliftment. A. K. Ravishankar’s responsibilities will include plant cultivation, public relations, and marketing.


L. Natana Sabapathy


IIT-M project associate

Chennai, India

L. Natana Sabapathy holds a master’s degree in social studies from the Madras School of Social Work and is currently a Project associate at IITM-RuTag (Rural Technology activation group). He has worked in the Social Development Centre at MSS for one year and has three years of experience working with the IIT-M-RuTag Department of Social Studies. L. Natana is currently working on two major projects – the Technology Innovation and Rural Participation (TRIP) and the RuTag project for rural Indian Development where he was working in the execution team and also in field work..He is the co-founder for I-Vil (IIT’s for Villages) – an organization run by IIT-M students to identify and solve rural development problems. L. Natana is also an IITM-Genesis (2007) runner-up team member. L. Natana’s reponsibilities will include public relations and marketing. His passion and experience in rural development will be extremely helpful in defining the goals of the JARID project.


Gopal Satheesh Kumar


IIT-M research scholar

Chennai, India

Gopal Satheesh Kumar holds a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.E. in Manufacturing Technology, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of robotics at IIT Madras. He is actively involved with IViL (IIT for Villages) and the Science Promotion Activities (SPA) for school children – a program dedicated to teach basic science concepts to 6th-8th grade school students. Gopal Satheesh helped coordinate the installation of food stalls by Women SHGs (Self Help Groups) in the Natham village, providing them alternate employment opportunities. His entrepreneurship team won third place in the GENESIS 2007 competition. Gopal Satheesh’s responsibilities will include research and development within JARID. His extensive experience in research and passion in social upliftment will be valuable to the JARID team.


S. Praveen Kumar


IIT-M student

Chennai, India

S. Praveen Kumar is an undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology
Madras in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is presently finishing a project in the field of theoretical nuclear physics at the SK Institute of Higher Studies under Prof. G. Shanmugam. He has been working with GRID (Group for Rural Indian Development), a group founded by him to work for rural development. He is also a member of IViL (IIT for Villages), a student body in IIT Madras. S. Praveen is also one of the IITM-Genesis (2007) runner-up team members. His responsibilities will include production and financial management in JARID.


Anirudh Vij


IIT-M student

Chennai, India

Anirudh Vij is an undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology
Madras in the Department of Electrical Engineering. He is an IITM-Genesis (2007) runner-up team member. He has experience in finance and marketing and will help the JARID team with accounting and budget proposals.


Arbind Kumar Mishra


IIT-M student

Chennai, India

Arbind Kumar Mishra is an undergraduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology
Madras in the Department of Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture. He was also part of the IIT-M-Genesis (2007) runner-up team. Arbind Kumar will be instrumental in drafting budgets for the production process.


Kanchana Ravichandran


Community partner

Chennai, India

Kanchana Ravichandran is truly a multifaceted personality. She has experience as a copywriter, teacher, scriptwriter, proofreader, and content developer. She has the distinction of preparing the Terra Nova Test series in English from Grade 1 to Grade 12, which is still used by all the american schools in
India. Kanchana also interacts with the Indian government and leads innovative projects in education and social development. She is the mentor of the IITM-Genesis runner-up team. Currently Kanchana is the business development executive for OneRoof Services Pvt. Ltd where her main focus is to secure jobs for the unemployed rural youth. She is also the Tamil Nadu coordinator for the Youth Employment Summit, which focuses on creating and generating job opportunities for unemployed underprivileged youth. She has been a consultant for NGO’s throughout
Chennai, India. She will be extremely helpful to JARID for obtaining government assistance, interacting with the rural community, and providing a link to public resources. She is the designated mentor for the JARID project.Her experience has been of a first-hand consulting nature and execution.




Farmer and Jatropha cultivation consultant

Virdhunagar, India

He is a master in Zoology.He has vast experience in agriculture especially in Jatropha cultivation .He has 8 acre Jatropha farm on his own.He joined with ASSEFA (Association for Serva Seva Farms) as a project associate after his masters.Then he joined as the team member of Tamilnadu Government’s Wasteland development project where he was involved in making wasteland useful through cultivation of drought resistant crops.Later he joined with Ahimsa- NGO where he worked as Jatropha cultivation consultant where his work was identification of land,raising seedlings,distribution of seedlings and cultivation of Jatropha.He has helped 13 farmers in getting bank loan for Jatropha cultivation and guided them in the cultivation and maintenance in 105 acre in total. Now he has formed People&Nature development Trust and has given a proposal to D1 oils for Jatropha cultivation in 2000 acre (contract farming).His vast hands on experience in Jatropha cultivation will play a major role in determining the success of the project.He will be the cultivation team head of this project.

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